When the Brisbane Airport opened in 1986 residents who called the Airservices Australia's aircraft noise hotline were told that they should only call once a day as Airservices Australia Policy does not report multiple calls from the same person on the one day and such calls did not increase the complaint count, which has NOW been proven to be a hoax.

Since that time Airservices's HOAX POLICY was changed to another HOAX POLICY so that each phone call was listed as one complaint no matter how many noisy aircraft were complained about.

Airservices Australia only count the people who phone, write, fax or email and not noisy aircraft complained about.

This Airservices HOAX POLICY has kept the aircraft noise complaints numbers from Brisbane Residents about 350% artifically lower than noisy aircraft complained about.

We have all been told by Airservices Australia that there was a Policy in place at Airservices Australia which limited to one complaint per person per day and further complaints that day would not appear as individual complaints in the records.

Our Group corresponded by email with Airservices Australia during May and June 2010 and as a result we asked for a copy of the so called "POLICY".

Our written request for this POLICY was totally ignored by Airservices Australia staff.

The request for the POLICY and supporting documents was then made as formal Freedom of Information Request on the 3rd June 2010.

Airservices Australia's FOI response was dated 27 August 2010. Well outside the allowable time under the FOI Act.

Residents need to accept that the noise from Aircraft is allowed by Airservices Australia and the Airports have no say in what aircraft come and go at airports.

Airservices Australia have that responsibility for aircraft noise which they do not appear to handle very well as the community suffers while they sleep at the wheel with hoax policies.


Documents available in pdf format:

Freedom of Information Request

Freedom of Information Response

Procedures for Aircraft Noise Enquires/Complaints dated 22 July 2010

Air Services Australia Corporate Policy dated 22 Jan 2004

Brisbane Airport Recorded Complaints vs Complainants, by Suburb 1 July 2009 to 30 June 2010

Powers of the Air Services Australia Board

Environmental Responsibilities

Noise Complaints for the Brisbane Airport 1 Jul 2009 to 30 June 2010

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