Letter from Brisbane's Lord Mayoral Candidate  14 Dec 1999

The information you have been sending is certainly driven by a commonsense
approach to the environment and the concerns of residents in this city.  I
have yet to discuss this matter with any of the people you mention due to
the demands on my time across the city on so many matters where
consultation has been a presentation or the environment has become a very
poor last.

I am unable to convert your documentation on my system, and have a meeting
scheduled with Denver Beanland in the near future where I will discuss the
matter more fully with him.  I also have a research assistant coming on
board tomorrow who I will get to concentrate on the many matters you have
raised so that I can  be more fully informed.

It has been suggested to me by a senior member of the University of
Queensland that this site should be more external to the residential area
of the city due to very simple reasons.  The growth of these industries and
their very nature require space for extension.  The suggestion was where
the Vetinary centre has been located or near to it.  An addition of light
rail to overcome transport and traffic problems has been added to all this.

The draft city plan will be under review immediately we are elected to
office on the 25th March, 2000.

I note your further concerns and will discuss this with Denver as
suggested.  My prime motivation for the drive to oust this administration
most certainly has come from the abuse of power, the corruption of the
mindset for a Better Brisbane and the total lack of honest and accountable
governance.  This council has empowered itself, rather than empowering the
people and has refused to acknowledge let alone consult on the Wivenhoe
project as a potentially damaging action against our water supply.  The
mind boggles at the confused state of their leaders mind in his desperate
bid to hold onto power.

I wish you well, and will be in touch asap.

Gail Austen

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