To Health Professionals, Retailers and Distributors who recommend food drinks containing casein, milk protein, etc, made in USA!

The following report demands action.

Is this what we have in store with the creation of the Institute for Molecular Bioscience, being built in residential St Lucia?

John Massey
Biohazard Action Alliance

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Who is Robert Cohen and why has he been on a hunger strike for almost 150 days?
Robert Cohen is a professional, a husband and a father - and an unlikely candidate for a hunger strike. But what he has discovered about the milk being fed to America's children has turned him over night into a political radical and a hunger strike activist. Mr. Cohen maintains that the recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH), developed by the Monsanto corporation and currently injected into most of America's dairy cows, has very real and drastic implications for the health of humans - especially children.

Mr. Cohen has done a considerable amount of research, the results of which can be found on two websites: and The research indicates that two conclusions reported by the FDA concerning rBGH are, in fact, false.
First, the FDA asserts one study shows that 90% of rBGH is destroyed during the pasteurization process. Closer inspection of that same study reveals that actually only 19% is destroyed - and after 30 minutes, not the 15 seconds for which milk is normally treated. Plus, the hormones survive digestive enzymes, contrary to FDA claims.
Second, Monsanto maintains that their recombinant version of the bovine growth hormone is not an exact duplicate if the original hormone and therefore will not become active in the body the way a normal hormone will.

In fact, one of the scientists in the study warned that it could become a "freak" hormone and instead cause disastrous effects within the human body (such as various types of cancer). This freak hormone can increase the levels of serum insulin as well, leading to early as well as late onset diabetes.

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