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Several new useful links have been added to the "LINKS" section of the IAHF
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http://www.iahf.com and I encourage you to visit some of them,
educate yourself regarding a diverse number of alternative medical and
health freedom topics and network with these people from several countries.
Our movement's strength is heavily rooted in our ability to keep networking
and supporting each other as we continuously learn from each other while we
continue spreading the good news about alternative medicine and the healing
power of vitamins around the world. This is what Dr. Rath urged us to do at
the anti Codex demonstration in Berlin in June, and he is correct about the
need to do this! Please keep sending us new links to add to the IAHF links
section. Provide a url and a description when you do.

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http://www.citizensvoice.org Updated Canadian health freedom website with a
very timely message, especially for Canadians, but should be visited by
people world wide.

http://www.truehope.com/ The Synergy Group of Canada- Alternative,
orthomolecular research into the causes of mental illness. The Synergy
Group of Canada was founded by Tony Stephan in the aftermath of his wife's
suicide, which left him alone to raise 10 kids, several of which were also
afflicted with the same mental illness that caused his wife to commit
suicide. Stephan hooked up with a friend who is a biochemist to start
finding answers, and now he has expanded their original research with help
from several Universities both in the US and Canada and they're continuing
to find answers. This is an uplifting website started by a true health
freedom fighter who refuses to ever give up, no matter what!

http://www.orthomed.org/ Orthomolecular Online- Complete information about
the nutritional approach to treatment involving the use of vitamins that
enabled me to return to the ranks of the living after mainstream medicine
almost killed me. Links to numerous related sites including Dr. Abram
Hoffer's excellent site.

http://www.talkinternational.com/aboutcfm.htm CITIZENS FOR MERCURY RELIEF
Canadian group lobbying to get silver fillings banned due to mercury
toxicity Mercury amalgam fillings have been linked to a myriad of
autoimmune disorders, including but not limited to Alzheimers Disease, MS,
Fibromyalgia & Lupus.

The Patients' for Alternative Medicine (PfAM) is a strong grass-roots
organization dedicated to informing patients and
concerned individuals about issues which impact access to alternative
health care providers, availability of food
supplements, and the safety and nutritional value of foods.

http://www.ihf-healthfreedom.org/About/ INSTITUTE FOR HEALTH FREEDOM: Run
by my friend Sue Blevins in Washington DC, this organization does not
lobby, they're a public policy think tank which seeks to educate people
about such matters as the need for medical privacy. They've issued many
important press releases and conducted many important public opinion polls.

http://www.geocities.com/ceniuschile Two Chilean health freedom sites
helping to stop Codex and also lobbying inside Chile for health freedom.

http://www.laleva.org/ Italian health freedom website in English- The
Lever of Archmides- Helping defend against the current very dangerous EU
vitamin directive, as well as against Codex

All are Alternative, and politically oriented to defending health freedom--
they need to add a political section. Group has been active against Codex.

http://www.cancercontrolsociety.com/ CANCER CONTROL SOCIETY
Helps patients find alternative cancer physicians, provides educational
materials.Sponsors an annual Convention

http://www.garynull.com/ GARY NULL
Exploring the nature and politics of medicine, health,nutrition and the
environment-especially see the Issues Section.

Exposes dangers of vaccines

http://thinktwice.com/ Thinktwice GLOBAL VACCINE INSTITUTE WEBSITE.
We offer an extensive selection of uncensored information on childhood
shots and other immunizations. Because this is such an important topic,
we believe that parents are entitled to a full disclosure of all pertinent
data, and the freedom to choose whether or not to vaccinate their children.

http://www.thechoicemagazine.com/cfcmpage.htm COMMITTEE FOR FREEDOM OF
This educational organization prepares statements and position papers for
legislative and judicial purposes, maintains a doctor-patient referral
service for those interested in integrative therapies and medical
practitioners, and maintains a supply of reading and audio/visual materials
in the area of integrative medicine

author of several books exposing mainstream medical genocide, dangers of

leading national resource connecting people with vital solutions for
reaching a higher level of wellness

Political Voice of Nutritional Practitioners in face of FDA/State Medical
Board Attacks

These are just a few of the many useful links that you can reach from
http://www.iahf.com Please forward this widely!

International Advocates for Health Freedom
http://www.iahf.com>http://www.iahf.com, email: jham@iahf.com
Tel. Within N.America 800-333-2553, Overseas 540-745-6534
Fax 540-745-6535 Donations Needed: IAHF POB 625 Floyd, VA 24091 USA
The Cartel "Boils the Frog Slowly" Hoping We Won't Notice We're Being
Boiled AliveTil Its Too Late To Jump Out of the Pot. Codex Vitamin Issue
Was Rolled Back from Step 4 to Step 3 in Berlin 2000, But Should Have
Been Withdrawn Completely. Neither the German, or the American
Proposals Are Acceptable And Must Still Be STOPPED! Meanwhile,
Codex Harmonization Continues World Wide. When the Cartel Has
a Setback in One Place, it Redoubles its Efforts Somewhere Else.
They're Pushing Very Hard for Restrictive EU Guidelines for Supplements,
in Canada HPB is Holding Public Meetings This Summer (where they
typically ignore consumer input), While in the USA Media Attacks on
DSHEA are Mounting. If Democrats regain 6 Seats in the House
Dingle and Waxman will be back in power: Both have vowed to
Repeal DSHEA. To Beat Codex The German People Must Rebel En Masse
By Educating Parliament. Grossklaus Must Be Removed as
Codex Chairman. The Reformhauses Must Flaunt German Law
By Selling Vitamins at More Than 3x RDA and Band Together
for a Legal Battle. IAHF Seeks More Contacts Inside Germany
We Must Show a Video Documentary re American Health Food
Stores, and the Codex Battle Narrated in German, to German Consumers
and Reformhaus Owners, Along With Information on How to
Mount a Successful Grassroots Lobby for Health Freedom.
IAHF salutes Dr.Rath's Efforts to Trigger a German Revolution.
See his website at
The FDA Has Broken US Law At Codex by ignoring
the intent of Congress re paragraph (c)(5) of Section 803 (the
FDA Modernization Act) part of the FD&C Act. FDA has no
legal right under FDAMA to build consensus at CODEX
towards passage of a restrictive vitamin standard. All FDA
can legally do under US law is call for a complete cessation
of deliberations on the Codex Vitamin Issue. The Matter
Should Best Be Left to National Authorities to Decide.
FDA is trying to set the USA up to lose in a trade dispute.
FDA is trying to undermine Proxmire and DSHEA.
CRN & NNFA are Helping FDA due to the influence
of multinational pharmaceutical companies within them.
Consumers Must Band Together in Defense of Rights
Which the Vitamin Trade Associations Can't Be Trusted
to Protect IAHF is reaching out to establish reciprocal links
to more allied groups with websites and we have a banner
you can put on your site to advertise ours. The price of freedom
is eternal vigilance.http://www.iahf.com for more info.