1. BioHazards Action Alliance
  2. Long Pocket Concerned Residents Group
  3. The Rivermouth Action Group Inc
  4. Penguin for kids
  5. Christian Ecology Link
  6. The Council for Responsible Genetics
  7. Interim Office of the Gene Technology Regulator  (IOGTR)
  8. The Australia New Zealand Food Authority (ANZFA)
  9. Genetic Manipulation Advisory Committee (GMAC)
  10. Partial list of Brisbane Community Groups
  11. Alliance for Bio-integrity,
  12. Genetic ID,
  13. Rural Advancement Foundation International (RAFI),
  14. The Good Neighbor Project for Sustainable Industries,
  15. Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition,
  16. Biodemocracy,
  17. Hazards of GE Foods,
  18. Time Magazine is conducting a poll asking people's opinions on how concerned they are about GE foods. Let them know how you feel.,2637,foodpoll,00.html
  19. Indigenous Environmental Network,
  20. ONE with Mother Earth,
  21. Earth Negotiations Bulletin,
  22. Environmental Advocates Homepage,
  23. International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD).
    They publish a bulletin called, Karth Negotiations Bulletin".
  24. Winning design announced for massive UQ/CSIRO bioscience project
  25. UQ have announced their IMB website
  26. Revolt Against Genetic Engineering (NZ),
  27. Ban Genetically Engineered Milk,
  28. Lies, Damn Lies and the Public Relations Industry,
  29. Times 13 Dec 1999
  31. Genetically Engineered Food - A Serious Health Risk
  32. The Turning Point Project
  34. Even more links

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