To: Steve McNaughton <>
Subject: Institute of Molecular Biology
Date: Thu, 9 Dec 1999 1:47 PM

Dear Mr McNaughton

Please refer to the following webpage,
and bring to the attention of the Lord Mayor the serious concerns of our community in the approval by the BCC of the proposal for the massive biotech laboratories in residential St Lucia.

The community feel very let down in seeking the protection of the City Plan which would not permit such a non-conforming use in a residential area. The people of St Lucia do not appreciate being alienated by the University, and more so by their local authority, in maintaining their rights.

We understand that the proposal was being considered this morning without consideration of the views of the local residents as represented by their Cr Judy Magub, who was contacted only last night by your planning officer to submit these views and unable to interrupt the meeting this morning in reply when the matter was considered.

Such tactics do the Council no credit. It is little wonder that the people lose faith in our political institutions and the huge bureaucracies that determine our fate.

Yours sincerely

St Lucia Residents' Association

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