MEDIA RELEASE:  When shall we ever learn?  3/12/99

Fifteen years on there continues to be a "reckless and depraved
indifference" to the community. Please refer to the attached reports on
"Bhopal--Fifteen Years Later".

"The wind carried the clouds of gas out over the surrounding community,
exposing more than 500,000 people to the poisons."

"the largest chemical corporations have not only degraded the world's
ecosystems, but also violated basic human rights: the right to life, health
and a livable environment."

Yet in Brisbane, Australia, one of the worlds largest chemical corporations,
the Dupont Chemical Company of America is reputed to have made a $10 million
"donation" to assist in the fast-track establishment of the University of
Queensland's Institute of Molecular Biology, a huge laboratory complex over
the road from an established residential community.

No environmental impact assessment, risk assessment, or traffic report have
been made available to the residents. Prof John Hay, VC of the UQ, admits
that it has no emergency procedures for the community if something goes
wrong. Yet facilities proposed include bulk chemical and gas stores,
flammable oils and toxic liquid, and laboratories for experiments with
bacteria/viruses and genetically modified organisms (GMO's).

These laboratories will be rated up to PC3 against Australian Standard
AS224.3, 1995. Examples of viruses in this classification include Yellow
Fever and Japanese Encephalitis. No significant buffer zone exists between
homes and the proposed laboratories, even though concerned residents have
called for a 10Km buffer zone in the siting of such facilities.

In the Courier Mail, Page 21 of 22 November 1999, Project Services, a
business unit of the Department of Public Works, have advertised a
MINISTERIAL REZONING of the whole of the St Lucia campus (and an adjoining
public park) as "community infrastructure", to avoid scrutiny under the
provisions of the Integrated Planning Act 1997. Back to the "bad old days"!

What does it take for our elected representatives and these huge
corporations to take heed of the concerns of ordinary people, in the
inappropriate location of high risk facilities such as the IMB at St Lucia,
and the anciliary Natural Sciences Precinct (NSP) at Long Pocket?

We all live in Bhopal!

Biohazard Action Alliance
The Biohazard Action Alliance (BAA) has been formed from an amalgamation of
local community groups that are opposed to the inappropriate location of
Biotechnology Research Laboratories within the residential environs of
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