To: ThePremier <>
Subject: You backed the wrong horse!   
Date: Wed, 3 Nov 1999 3:59 PM

Dear Premier

In the parlance of that great Australian institution, the Melbourne Cup,

"You backed the wrong horse"!

We've been trying to tell you that for ages. Biotechnology may be good science but it's bad politics.

Mr Beattie, you were reported on the ABC Radio News this morning as saying,
"We know that there are those that oppose biotechnology, but as far as I'm concerned they can get knicked"!

Even blind Freddie can see that Biotechnology is an industry in crisis, and one with which prudent investors would be well advised to use the precautionary approach. As we, the people, are by implication the investors, with your promise of $270 million towards the establishment of a so-called Centre of Excellence in Biotechnology in SE Queensland, we would appreciate a little more respect.

After all, it was the electorate that put your Government in power, just as it will be the electors that determine your fate at the ballot box. Going against the flow of 93% of the electorate is brave indeed, but foolhardy when you add insult to injury.

Our backs are against the wall, in the proposed establishment of biotech research factories, "slap bang" in the centre of Brisbane's residential areas, with the IMB and NSP proposed in the suburbs of St Lucia and Long Pocket.

Yours faithfully


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