"Lie back and think of England"

Herewith a Media Release from residents concerned at the proposed development of biotech laboratories in residential St Lucia.



The Lord Mayor's advice to residents concerned at the apparent "Rape of St Lucia" with the construction of the massive UQ/CSIRO biotech laboratories, was "If you want to stop this building you have no chance".  And he added "I will facilitate it; I will not deliberately destroy it".  Cr Jim Soorley appears to have done a complete backflip from only a month ago when he assured affected residents of his intention to "strongly resist inappropriate development" outside the intent of the City of Brisbane Draft Plan.

The residents were encouraged that the BCC seems to be fighting the UQ on its bid to become "community infrastructure", and avoid the provisions and intent of the Integrated Planning Act 1997.  However the Lord Mayor has done a somersault and has now lent his support to the development of the IMB in residential Carmody Road and appears to be fairly happy with things the way they are, although miffed about the height of the building.

He said the process to check the Institute for Molecular Biology complex involved a "code assessment" by the BCC which required different issues to be ticked off, but no consultation with the community. He said they were looking at the height of the building, at shade, parking, noise and traffic.
Residents countered that the IMB project is actually "material change of use" therefore assessable development, but independent environmental engineers have confirmed that they believe the Swanbank power station was a similar situation and was classified as "assessable development".
Apparently assessable development doesn't allow for public input either, but it is a much more rigorous process.

Whilst on the face of it, the Beattie Government's initiative for the establishment of a Centre of Excellence in Biotechnology may have seemed a good idea at the time, the ramifications of plonking high-tech research laboratories "slap bang" in the centre of Brisbane's inner western suburbs has profound implications.

In the interest of public safety, and a precautionary approach, the residents urge a delay in the approvals until such time as these matters can be properly assessed and reviewed by appropriate, impartial and independent experts. The electorate depends upon it.


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