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Please consider the view of RaW1@aol.com (below) Do you agree with his contention that the Seattle police were justified to break people's teeth and jaws by firing rubber bullets at point blank range and otherwise violate the law by torturing protestors in custody who refused to tell them their names (which they aren't obligated by law to do), or do you agree with my contention that this was wrong, and that our country has been sold out by the whores in Congress to the NWO?

The police billyclubbed a pregnant woman who stepped onto the street from a hotel with her husband and who didn't even have anything to do with the protest, forcing her to go to the hospital for stiches and the trauma of being clubbed and tear gassed caused her to have a miscarriage and lose their 4 month old baby. I call that MURDER, RaW1, what do _YOU_ call  it?
Please respond directly to RaW1@aol.com, and cc your responses to me. I'll repost the best responses to the IAHF list in the hope that more people will join me in condemning the actions of the Seattle police, and in requesting that a complete congressional investigation ensue as to what REALLY happened there and as to our continued involvement in the WTO, which I contend we must pull out of or be subsumed into an obviously fascistic New World Order which clearly has no problem with using jack booted thugs to "keep us in line" using unrestrained terror tactics.

What is your reaction to RaW1's defense of Mc Donalds, which has lied to us about claiming to recycle anything, has lied to us claiming to not use beef from cattle grown by destroying the rain forrest, and which has lied to us about the amount of fat and cholesterol in their burgers? Oh yeah, I almost forgot, doesn't it bother you that Mc Donalds uses beef grown with Bovine Growth Hormone?  

It bothers me, and I sympathize with the Europeans who want to ban hormone treated beef. It angers me that the Europeans are threatened with trade sanctions if they don't allow this dangerous beef to be imported, and it angers me that European farmers such as France's Jose Bove are blocked by American imposed trade sanctions from importing his Roquefort Cheese into our country when his cheese is nutritious and healthy, while Mc Donald's burgers kill people and contribute to the destruction of the rain forrest.

When I learned that Jose Bove had attached a tractor to the roof of a Mc Donalds in France and destroyed the building, I cheered! RaW1 obviously doesn't share my views. All I can say, RaW1 is that I hope you will eat nothing but McDonald's so called "food" from here on in so that you will get cancer ASAP, and thus remove yourself from our presence by shufflin' off this immortal coil. If you are so blind that you can't appreciate my efforts to stick up for your rights as a human being by going to Seattle to protest in your behalf, then I truly don't understand your attitude, and really think it would behoove you to examine it closely.  

The freedom you currently enjoy as an American was paid for in other people's blood. It was paid for by people who did not sanction Nazis or Communists the way you clearly do. Perhaps the best thing for you to do would be to go to a country where the prevalent thinking would be a lot more in line with your fascist views: like China. My guess is you have no problem with what the Chinese military did to the students in Tianenman Square if you liked what police just did in Seattle. The fact is, RaW1, that I and others successfully disrupted the WTO and due in part to our efforts to expose the criminality of the WTO, they weren't able to lay the groundwork for another round of trade talks and are being forced to go back to the drawing board.  

I'd say we did a pretty good job, RaW1. If we don't destroy the WTO, its Dispute Settlement Body will eventually rule in favor of pharmacuetical interests wishing to sell vitamins as "drugs" here.

Presumably you don't want that to happen or you wouldn't be on the IAHF list. They will rule that our dietary supplement laws constitute an "unfair trade barrier" and we could be forced to repeal them if we don't "harmonize" to Codex standards which are rapidly being shoved through to eventual completion due to pharmaceutical penetration of NNFA, which is keeping its members in the dark and not telling them whats going on. I urge you to reassess your views.

To: RaW1@aol.com
From: John Hammell <jham@iahf.com>
Subject: Re: MD Testifies Re: SEVERE, Widespread Seattle Police Brutality in Seattle
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At 08:47 AM 12/5/99 EST, you wrote:

Jack:  Those who rioted and destroyed property deserved to be jailed and, if  in the process, they got injured or hurt then I have no sympathy for them.   The McDonalds, stores, among others, often hire handicapped individuals who  earn very little money and survive paycheck to paycheck.  The rioting has  scared them unnecessarily, deprived them of much needed income, and may even  have cost them their jobs.  This is part of the shameful side of protest.

Yes, peaceful protesters got caught up in the police sweep of rioters and  in attempts to maintain community order, but that is the price a protestor  pays for associating with rioters and being with them when they do damage.   The police are limited human beings.  They do not have perfect knowledge  about who is a rioter and who is not.  While I dislike the WTO because of its  impact on American national interests, I cannot support rioting to make a  point.  I grew up in the 60s and saw the press paint a very rosy picture of  violent protest.  I am not going to let the press paint the same picture  today -- I am older and wiser having lived through it.

First of all, I'm John, not "Jack"

The police fired at many non violent people at point blank range who had done nothing to provoke them, and broke many teeth, and at least one jaw. They caused a woman to miscarry by scaring the hell out of her by gassing her when she and her husband came out of a hotel and were just trying to walk down the street.  

The police escalated their thuggery outside the declared "no protest" zone and indiscriminantly fired tear gas on people for not reason at all, and even fired it inside shops.

They had no legal right under the constitution to declare a "no protest zone" or to arrest people for just walking down the street because in their estimation they "looked like" protestors, yet they did this on numerous occassions. They even arrested a city councilman and pulled him from his car to arrest him when he attempted to drive his car, and they arrested a reporter from the Seattle Post Intelligencer

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