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                                                  Corporate Subsidies  

        Time Magazine's recent investigation uncovers how hundreds of companies get on the dole--and why it costs every working  American the equivalent of two weeks' pay every year. See http://cgi.pathfinder.com/time/magazine/1998/dom/981109/cover1.html

Nominate the Worst Corporate Subsidy Deals of 1998  

        The Floor Is Now Open for Nominations to the "Terrible Ten Candy Store Deals of 1998,"  to be released early next year by Good Jobs First.  We're looking for the year's very  worst corporate welfare gone awry: company-specific atrocities such as union-busters getting subsidies, plant closings that wasted incentives, environmental bad boys sucking up taxpayer dough,
welfare-to-work hustlers of the Work Opportunity Tax Credit -- you get the idea.  I know we can outdo Time!  

        We will also consider outrageous events or laws or loopholes: did your state rewrite its tax code for emu farmers?  Did it
weaken its Freedom of Information Act to hide corporate welfare "negotiations"?  Did your city or state cross the line and
begin allowing property tax abatements or other giveaways that will hurt schoolchildren?  Did your city gold-plate a dubious
new stadium?

        Please advise me by e-mail if you are going to make a nomination, but I'll need hard paper (as in faxes or snail-mail) to make the judgment. We need the details: dollars, jobs, names, outrageous quotes, etc.  Nominating organizations get full credit for their winning entries! Nominations are open until the holiday break!  

        Send that paper to:  fax:  202-638-3486  
        or mail:  1311 L Street NW, Washington, DC 20005  
        Greg LeRoy, Director, Good Jobs First  
        From: Greg LeRoy/Good Jobs First <goodjobs@ctj.org>  

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