Who is (ir-)responsible?

(The trucking firm or the earthmoving contractor or Queensland University or the Brisbane City Council or Queensland Transport or Queenland Police due to lack of numbers?)

This report is in response to an encounter on Monday morning, 4th September 2000.

Whilst driving through Morningside two large vehicles, one truck and trailer and a semitrailer, caught my attention. The semitrailer filled the air with black exhaust as it drove off from the traffic lights. Then the speed of the two truck increased as if there was a race or a need to get somewhere in a hurry.

I followed the two heavy vehicles through the city to St Lucia where they turned into the University Work Site off Carmody Road.

I spoke to the Project Manager, and then by phone to the trucking company and a University Representative who had accompanied me to the Project Managers site office.

I told them about the exhaust emissions of the semitrailer, the speed of the heavy vehicles which on average was 10 k over the limits all the way, the missing number plate on the rear of the prime mover, the truck leaving the site were not driving over the shake down grate, dust was being blown off the site, the semitrailer tailgating, and the general concern about the manner the vehicles were returning to the St Lucia Site.

Upon returning home I phoned the Port of Brisbane and spoke to the Environmental Manager. The removed rock and soil is being transported to the Port for fill. I e-mailed pictures to the earth moving company and the trucking company. I phoned the Queensland Police regional traffic coordinator traffic north and explained my concern. He undertook to advise the other police regions by e-mail requesting their attention to my complaint.

A phone call has been made to Queensland Transport re: smoky vehicles. When I have an e-mail address I will forward the two pictures I took displayed below.

Barry Wilson
The Rivermouth Action Group Inc
4 Sept 2000

Now for the pictures as taken in order:

1. 2.

1.+2. Taken on Coronation Dr "Timms Haulage"vehicle

3. 4.

3. Site Notice at truck entrance St Lucia. 4. Shake down grate at truck exit.

5. 6.

5. Shows driveway alinement. 6. Exiting trucks not over grate.

7. 8.

7. Truck completely missing shake down grate. 8. Site sign near site office.

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