Thanks to Greg (Coolangatta) for this 'heads up'.


DOT&RS have circulated a discussion paper relating to the operation of
hushkitted Chapter 2 aircraft in Australia.  This is in response to the
possibility of European and American junk being dumped into Australia by
new fly-by-night operators. Following are the proposals from that paper:

1.1  The Department of Transport & Regional Services is seeking the view
of interested parties on a proposal to limit the operation of
recertificated Chapter 3 jet aircraft in Australia.

1.2.   Under current Australian regulations aircraft which have been
recertificated to meet Chapter 3 standards are permitted to operate in
Australian airspace and to all Australian Airports.

1.3.   Chapter 2 jet aircraft which have been recertificated to meet the
Chapter 3 standard are still discernibly noisier than equivalent high
by-pass Chapter 3 aircraft.

1.4.   The Departments proposal is that consideration be given to
immediately precluding, through Regulations, the introduction and
operation in Australian domestic air navigation of any more jet aircraft
recertificated to meet Chapter 3 standards, where the engines have low
by-pass ratio of less than 2.  This would preclude domestic operations by
recertificated older generation jet aircraft such as B727-100/200, DC-9,
F28 and B737-100/200 series aircraft.

1.5.   To provide an adequate phase-out period for recertificated Chapter
3 jet aircraft with engines having a by-pass ratio less than 2 already
operating in Australia on domestic air navigation, it is proposed that
they be permitted to continue to operate until 31 December 2003.

1.6.   To meet Australian international obligations, it is proposed that
all aircraft meeting Chapter 3 noise standards would continue to be
permitted to operate international air navigation to and from Australia.


The above move is being made to hopefully frustrate a very concerted
attempt by the United States to lean on Australia to accept the
recertificated Chapter 2 aircraft.  The intent and thrust of the proposal
is fully supported with the exception of para. 1.6 which will allow cut
price charter operators to fly into destinations such as Coolangatta where
the airport owners are desperate for business at any cost.  The support of
all Australian groups for para 1.4 & 1.5 is strongly recommended, with
rejection of para. 1.6.  Comments and support can be forwarded to DOT&RS

Regards Greg

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