The Australian   6 Aug 1999   p 29

"Brisbane Airport Corp has adopted a staggered runway concept it says will reduce aircraft noise problems.  Changes to the airport master plan move the end of a proposed new runway 1.3 km further away from homes.

Meanwhile, BACL said it would invest #1.5 million to build a 2625 freight facility to accommodate door-to-door freight services bought from Ansett by TNT."

(Sydney Airport Group) COMMENT:  1.3km wouldn't reduce noise along the extended centre line by a significant amount, and new radar systems will allow aircraft to diverge from the extended centre lines more than they can right now so the noise impact could end up anywhere.   And watch out for fraudulent peak noise impact contours.  In Sydney and at Badgerys Creek, the wrong aircraft type was used to measure peak noise contours (i.e. they used a 747-400 instead of the older, noisier 747-200) which meant that the official peak noise contours were about 8 km shorter than they should have been.  At KSA we got them to change the model, but all our efforts to get them to do the same at B Ck failed (such is the aviation mafia's desperation to expand KSA via a second airport).

The new freight facility at Brisbane presumably means a hefty increase in heavy road freight traffic which will be a wonderful boost to air pollution.  And presumably there will be even more old rustbuckets (including 747-200's) flying in and out carrying the freight.  Oh, what joys the untrammelled free market brings to people around urban airports.


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