Brisbane City Council SHAME FILE #51


Azure Blue

Richmond Road Carina

Blue Care's development at Richmond Road Carina Queensland is non-compliant with the conditions imposed by the Planning and Environment Court of Queensland and their own Management Plan.

The Brisbane City Council appears extremely reluctant to enforce those conditions.

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The Brisbane City Council staff and administration find it impossible to enforce Conditions of Development and Nuisance Regulations on the Blue Care Development at Carina.

This large pile of material is responsible for clouds of dust entering and covering nearby homes.

ROME could BURN DOWN whilst the Lord Mayor and staff procrastinates.

Blue Care management do not appear to be interested in the manner in which this development progresses.




Welcome and thank you for supporting our battle against Blue Care's current plan for Azure Blue Carina North on Richmond Road.

Carina North is a family-oriented, low density community. The character of the area will be severely affected if the development proceeds in its current form.
We are appalled that our phone calls, emails and letters of concern have been largely ignored. Blue Care's limited responses to date have been for the sole purpose of re-stating its intractable position.

Our concerns

1. The duplexes 6 metres and the 3 and 4 storey buildings 12 metres from our back fences, will have a serious, adverse impact on our privacy and quality of life.

2. The impact of the access road off Rembrandt Street into the site will be catastrophic. This street is narrow, hilly with tight corners, blind spots and 50 driveways from Todman Street to Constant Street. Any increase in traffic will endanger residents living in and around this street as well as Azure Blue occupants and their visitors.

Our proposed solutions

1. A significant ecological barrier should be established along the southern border between new buildings and existing properties.

2. There should be no road access to or from Rembrandt Street into Azure Blue. Richmond Road is the logical alternative to support 2 access roads.

Our response if our requests are ignored

We will have no alternative but to make the development and operation of this site as difficult as we lawfully can. Actions we will take include:

1. Discouraging the sale of units by protesting at Blue Care's Richmond Road Sales Office.

2. Placing prominent signs on our properties alerting prospective buyers to our concerns and that they are not welcome at such close proximity.

3. Utilising every avenue for complaint during and after construction.

This is not our preferred course of action. We believe and sincerely hope the issues raised are resolved amicably to everyone's satisfaction.

The owners of Blue Care, the Uniting Church, on its web site states:

"We are committed to justice and have a vision of a world where people live together with care and respect".

In the spirit of these Christian values, we ask that Blue Care prove that it does care and address our concerns so that we may live together with mutual respect.

Photos IN THIS SECTION taken Monday 13 August 2012

Richmond Road Carina.

The BCC officer I spoke to on Monday 13 August apparently believes that the dust complaints from residents is only the dust blown off the work site.

Apparently material deposited on the public road is sediment and not dust that may end up in your home.

Different departments, different definitions, different actions, same stupid decisions, and NO REMEDIAL ACTIONS taken.


This is the sign out front of the development site.

Below is what is occurring out side of the site.




Whatever this is, it is used to "sweep" Blue Care driveways and adjacent roadway.

Results of this action is graphically shown in three photos below.




Please note the dust cloud being raised.



Again the dust being disturbed to blow in the breeze.



Notice the height the dust cloud has risen to in this photo.




This truck after leaving the BLUE CARE site trails a dust cloud with it.



This is the same truck as the one in the photo above and it is still raising a dust cloud.




Photo taken on Richmond Road opposite Muir Street looking east showing the tyre tracks of deposited material from the Blue Care site.



Photo taken from Richmond Road adjacent to Stanton Street approx. 600 metres west from Blue Care's driveway.

These visible tyre tracks on the southern (right hand) side road are evident even further west and material from the Blue Care site is evident on the road and in and along the gutter and side of the road towards Molloy Road and further.




Brisbane City Council either has poorly trained or instructed staff, or vision impaired and illiterate staff.

These photo were taken on Sunday morning 12 August 2012 around 9.00 am on Richmond Road, Carina.

The Planning and Environment Court approved this development with the condition (No 35):




Looking west along Richmond Road just past development gates.



Looking West towards the second of three entrances



Sediment Control device. Certainly not maintained .



Sediment Control device and sediment build-up has not been removed.



Unsealed driveway in use which is allowing material to be tracked onto the a public road, Richmond Road, Carina.



Material being tracked out across a concrete driveway. Richmond Road.



Just inside the gate shown in the photo just above.



Obviously this (second) driveway is undersized.



Photo of material deposited on roadway by development vehicles.

























These two photos of the dust settled on a stovetop in ONE day!

This is in a house with windows and doors closed.










At 5am 9th July this is what was observed with my companion along Richmond Rd.

5am 5 cars parked between Balmerino Drive and Creek Rd along the northern side of the road.
One of the vehicles was a site workman's car.

By 5:25am 3 more workers' cars arrived parking opposite the site close to the entrance

Glen arrives 5:25 in company vehicle parking opposite site and walks into site office at 5:30am

5:45am another 2 workers cars arrive opposite site, others were arriving along Balmerino Dr and Favril St and walking into the site.

Entrance to site gates were opened at 6am

6.10 first vehicle arrives on site at front entrance and drives into the site

6.30am Water truck, a heavy vehicle, called mini tanker (38081221) went into the site, under instructions from the site management as explained by the driver

Trucks Engines idle and air- brakes release pressure
6.35am first truck and trailer arrives on Richmond Rd
6:40 next 2 arrive and queue on Richmond Rd,
By 6:48am 9 huge trucks were in queue outside the site
They started to move just after 6:55am into the site and within 10-15 minutes returned to drive out turning right across the traffic.

Cars Parked illegally around in close proximity to site , photos attached
207 RDJ Cochrams parked on footpath 6:00 am to 6:20
CSP.77 parked over yellow line Favril St
931 GWQ whit hilux parked on footpath in Rembrandt St outside 20 Rembrandt St, has been parking here over the week close to the access point to site at Rembrandt St
















illegally parked this afternoon

9 July 2012


Heavy Vehicle going on site at 6:30 am Monday 9 July 2012












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