The following is a copy of a speech to the Brisbane City Council by a resident of Brisbane on 27 April 1999.

Thank you Mr Chairman & welcome back from the School Holidays. This was written for last week. I was refused permission to address the Brisbane City Council last week as the Chairman thought you would be overtaxed after the School Holidays. I was also refused permission to speak to you at the next four council meetings.

Thank You, Mr Chairman for your kind consideration in ensuring we won't be overtaxed.

It clearly wouldn't take 27 councillors and a team of dedicated Public Servants 6 years to work out a Fair Method of charging Unit Dwellers for their water.

Slogans such as "Solutions for the Future" & "A Fairer System for All" are pure Propaganda "Goebbels" would be proud of you.

It's my contention that the Brisbane City Council has deliberately dragged its feet on this matter and thereby possibly unlawfully discriminating against a clearly defined section of the community namely Unit Dwellers.

This action - or inaction constitutes a multi million dollar rip-off of unit dwellers indefinitely.

This is hardly in the ANZAC SPIRIT, I think that it's more in the spirit of Ned Kelly. Forever more this Council will be known as "The Ned Kelly Council".

I call on the State Government to dismiss this devious council and institute a full inquiry into these matters.

Masterly inactivity is one thing Monstrous Deception is another.

Owen Roberts

Spring Hill.


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