Flora wipeout fear

BY Randolph Ramsay

RARE flora and fauna at Spring Creek, Carindale, will be wiped out if Brisbane City Council does not reverse its decision to allow a developer to build within 5m of the creek bank.

Southside environmental groups have slammed council's decision to allow the housing estate development on Scrub Rd to build so close to the creek and say it contravenes council's own environmental policy.

But Lord Mayor Jim Soorley said development plans were not yet complete and assured the groups council would provide Spring Creek with the environmental protection it deserved.

Save, Care for and Rejuvenate our Urban Bushland (SCRUB), the Belmont Hills Conservation Group and the Brisbane Region Environment Council have demanded answers from council as to why the development was approved.

Belmont Hills Conservation Group president Nancy Cramond said her group had been in constant contact with council notifying them of the importance of Spring Creek.

"We have been given many assurances that the creek would be protected," she said. "This has come as a complete surprise."

Ms Cramond said the group returned a $600 environmental grant to council last week in protest.

Brisbane Region Environment Council coordinator Michael Petter said the development threatened. the viability of the creek ecosystem.

"I can't think of any other creek in Brisbane which has the rare ferns and rare fish species Spring Creek has," he said.

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Flora wipeout threat

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"There'll be a lot more runoff from homes and leachates could end up polluting the creek."

SCRUB president Bruce Boundy said the development contravened council's own environmental best practice policy which stated developments could not cot come any closer than 15m to a waterway.

"When you put development right up against the creek you'll get more pesticides, and rubbish," he said.

All three environmental groups have called for council to buy back land from the developer to create an adequate buffer.

Cr Soorley said council would be working further with the developers to resolve the environmental groups' concerns.


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