The Lord Mayor's Environment Vision

1. Flora and fauna protection through the establishment of a well designed open space network.

2. No net loss of wetlands and protection of our forested foothills and waterways vegetation.

3. Water quality standards to ensure the safe recreational use of the Brisbane River and its waterways.

4. No increase in 1991 levels in air pollutants by the year 2000.

5. Soil and tree retention and maximum efficiency in water use.

6. Minimisation of solid and liquid waste creation and encouragement of recycling and reuse of materials.

7. Effective controls over road, aircraft and industrial noise levels.

8. A 20%. targeted reduction in greenhouse gas emission levels.

9. The highest standard for the transport, storage and disposal of hazardous goods and management of contaminated land.

10. The highest levels of environmental responsibility for business, the community and the Brisbane City Council.


last update 28 Oct 1999

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