No inference is to be taken that a developer or development appearing on this sub-site is responsible for the problems highlighted within this site. Many factors influence a work site. Subcontractors may often be to blame for sediment issues and the builder, developer etc cannot always be aware of the state in which the site is left.

Sometimes the pollution being highlighted may have been caused by something completely not under the control of the Developer or Builder.

These pages were designed so that a record could be kept to see if there is any repitition of sediment non-control or similar issues with any particular developer, contractor, builder or industry or sub-contractor etc. site visited.

Access to this site has been restricted and can only be accessed of knowing its actual web address.

Only where pictures exist of someone actually causing environmental harm can anyone actually know who was responsible.

While we endever to catch people in the act is not possible in the majority of cases. Sediment being placed on the road during the day can and should be removed by the end of the day. Failure to do so can result in an on the spot fine of $240.00.

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to protect Brisbane's many waterways and Moreton Bay.