The Loganholme Wetlands: Threatened by Development

The Loganholme Wetlands is a mainly freshwater riparian floodplain that extends about 1¼ km from Beenleigh-Redland Bay Road to a tidal outlet on the Logan River.

It contains melaleuca forests and areas of open wetland with reeds and sedges. Significant portions the vegetation are shown as 'Of Concern' on vegetation mapping. There is a rich diversity of wildlife, including protected species of waterbirds. These are the subject of ongoing surveys by the Bird Observers Club of Australia.

The northern portion of this wetland is encroached upon by a residential subdivision in Egret Court and Watercress Avenue. Some of these allotments extend across the wetland but they have just enough high ground to build houses on. Appropriate buffer zones and environmental impacts were ignored when Council approved these subdivisions.

Fortunately, these encroaching allotments have not yet been built on and the developer is willing to negotiate their sale to the Council for a Nature Reserve. It's not clear what will happen if Council decides not to buy.

Another developer has plans to dredge the southern end of the wetlands to create a 300 berth marina. This is to be connected to the Logan River by dredging a 45 metre wide channel.

The marina site is an important habitat for various species of waterbirds and it contains reeds and sedges classed as 'Of Concern' on vegetation maps. Salt from the marina is likely to enter the water table and affect the remaining freshwater wetland.

Other issues are the loss of river mangroves, water pollution and the probable excavation of acid sulphate soils.

A view of one of the many watercourses on the site of the proposed marina, an important waterbird habitat.




The proposed marina on the Loganholme Wetlands has now proceeded to the Public Notification Stage.

Anyone wishing to object has until 27th November 2003 to send a submission to Logan City Council.

Please quote Application Number MCUI/43/2003 on your submission and send it to: Chief Executive Officer, Logan City Council, 150 Wembley Road, Logan Central, Qld 4114.

Note: The bird Observers Club of Australia has now recorded 117 bird species on the site, 26 of these are protected under the Commonwealth EPBC Act them and 2 of them (Grey Goshawk and Black Necked Stalk) are listed as Rare under the Nature Conservation act of Qld.

After the Preliminary Fauna report found significant species on the site, it made a recommendation for an Environmental Impact Assessment. The developer seems to have ignored this recomendation and has taken the proposal to Public Notification without an EIA.

The developer has now increased the proposed number of yacht berths from 300 to 400. How can 400 yachts enter the shallow Logan River Estuary? There is no mention in the developerís report of the dredging that† will need to be done at the Logan River Mouth. This will destroy sea grasses and impact on dugong populations.



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