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Rare orchid

"ALL things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small ..."

The words of this much-loved old hymn no doubt apply equally to the phaius tancarvilleae swamp orchid, a bright and beautiful creation on the brink of extinction from its only Brisbane habitat at Manly West (story page 11).(below)

Ironically, the land,colonised by this rare and endangered species is earmarked for residential development by the Presbyterian and Methodist Schools Association.

Being a church group and therefore more likely to be sensitive to the endangered species, it will undoubtedly give serious consideration to removing lots 28-43 from its project.

This would also show that the mighty dollar isn't always the absolute bottom line.


Wynnum Herald November 24, 1999. Page 6

Development plans threaten rare orchid

SOME environmentalists have raised the alarm over the revival of a development plan which they say threatens the future of Brisbane's only population of a rare and endangered swamp orchid.

The orchid occupies part of a 13ha site in bushland at Manly West earmarked for residential development by the Presbyterian and Methodist Schools Association.

Wildlife Preservation Society spokesman Simon Baltais, who last year called for lots 28-43 to be removed from the development plan to protect the orchids, said the plan had been re-submitted to council in September this year with no change to the proposed layout.

Mr Baltais said the original application had been the subject of concern by those committed to ensuring the survival of the phaius tancarvilleae orchid.

"Based on the information given to me, 1 would urge all those who objected to the proposed residential development on the orchid land to .send a letter to Lord Mayor Jim Soorley expressing their ongoing commitment to the protection of this site. Given the attention this issue has received, council should have ensured some substantial improvements to the development.

"I strongly urge all those concerned to write to the Lord Mayor and send a copy to State Environment Minister Rod Welford."

Wynnum Herald November 24, 1999. page 11

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