Melbourne to Fisherman Islands
Inland Rail line.


Case A1 - A4 Text.



The following are copies of letters and files of the Gumdle Progress Association Inc.

  1. Letter from Permier and Office of Cabinet
  2. Letter from Permier of Queensland Rob Borbidge 26 Sep 1997
  3. Letter from Leader of the Opposition Peter Beattie 11 August 1997
  4. Letter from Peter Beattie to Terrry Mackenroth (Local Member) 8 August 1997
  5. Letter from Deputy Commissioner and Secetary of Queensland Rail 18 August 1987
  6. Newspaper article The Sunday Mail October 26, 1986.
  7. Speech delivered by Terry Mackenroth Member for Chatsworth in the Parliament of Queeensland 9 September 1986 Transport Estimates.
  8. Melbourne to Fisherman Islands' Rail Line

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