Drainage ability under Burnby Street Hemmant

This is an exposure of the lack of maintenance to the local drainage system.

(No document on this web site supports the following statement at this time.)

I have read within the Brisbane City Council's Bulimba Creek Flood Study that when Bulimba Creek is in flood and the flood waters are restricted at the Rail Bridge at Hemmant the flood waters can flow east to Main Drain and Lindum Creek on their way to the Brisbane River.

Just what obstacles are there in flood waters path.

Brisbane City Council wetland corridor mapping for the area

Nearmap of area showing Burnby Street, Hemmant with white circle where culvert is situated.

Google Earth hybrid map showing position from where next photo below taken.

Eastern side of culvert Burnby Street culvert.

West side of culvert Burnby Street culvert.


After correspondence with Inghams Head Office Queensland I was told that the drains were working properly and did not need to be upgraded.

In the Bulimba Creek Flood Study I read several years ago it said that when Bulimba Creek was in flood and the flood waters were restricted by the rail bridge at Hemmant the flood waters could flow east to Lindum Creek and flow under the rail line there.

That means that to flow to Lindum Creek the flood waters must first pass under or over this private road owned by Inghams.

The measurement of the larger pipe.

The measurement of the smaller pipe.

The height of the road the bottom of the pipes about 1.15 metres.

Photo of the two drain pipes under road from the eastern side.

Looking through the smaller pipe from eastern end.

Looking through the larger pipe from the eastern end.

Eastern end of culverts.

Looking east from culverts towards Kianawah Road.

Photo of road with western culverts shown LHS of road.

Eastern side culverts shown at side of road.

The text from the flood study will appear when I have the time to scan a copy for the web site.

Then let us not forget how the water flowing east enters Lindum Creek.


Photo above looking south towards Burnby Street from access road to Energex power pylons.

And these culverts are on Brisbane City Council Land west of and to adjacent to Kianawah Road.

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