Dear Mr Wilson

The Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) and the Port Connect project team are aware of concerns that exist with regard to drainage and flooding in the Hemmant/Lytton area. These issues affect a broad area in the local community with various factors contributing to the current situation.

The basic overarching principle that TMR requires of the Port Connect project is to construct the motorway upgrade in such a way as to not create any new issues with regard to drainage and flooding. These requirements include not increasing inundation levels by more then 10mm for design flood events of a 100 year recurrence interval and not increasing inundation levels at all for more frequent events.

In order to achieve this, the Port Connect project stormwater management strategy comprises a suite of engineered control devices and systems, as well as operational and procedural practices, to manage both the quantity and quality of stormwater runoff.

Engineered control devices and systems are based on a set of design criteria that conform to the requirements of all relevant authorities and the following reference documents:
· Road Drainage Design Manual published by Queensland Transport and Main Roads
· Australian Rainfall and Runoff, a national guideline document for the estimation of design flood characteristics in Australia, published by Engineers Australia;
· Queensland Urban Drainage Manual published by Department of Environment and Resource Management; and
· Project specific Scope of Works and Technical Criteria.

In order to identify potential flooding impacts and provide appropriate flood mitigation measures, two dimensional regional flood modelling is currently being undertaken. This information will contribute to the final engineered solution.

TMR is aware that one of the contributing factors to local drainage issues is the condition of land owned by the Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd (POBPL) between Lytton Road and the Brisbane River. These concerns have been raised with POBPL.

I trust this information is of assistance.

Yours sincerely

Allan Uhlmann

Project Manager
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