1. Food irradiation and fake research
            2. Food irradiation and the representation of fake research
            3. Food irradiation and safety of irradiated food
            4. Food irradiation who wants it
            5. Fruit irradiation: lack of feasibility
            6. Gamma radiation and lipid peroxidation
            7. Grain irradiation and insects
            8. Grain irradiation and moulds
            9. Irradiated commodities infected with mould spores
            10. Irradiated food and internal bleeding
            11. Irradiated food is peroxidised food
            12. Irradiated fruits: health risks
            13. Irradiated grains health risks
            14. Irradiated vegetables
            15. Irradiation destruction of vitamin C
            16. Irradiation to delay ripening
            17. Irradiation sterilised diets
            18. Radiomimetic effects from irradiated food
            19. Risks of food poisoning from irradiated food

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