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Subject:  EM radiation at 300 m.
Date:     Thu, 24 Jul 1997 083624 -0500 (CDT)
From:     yoke@uow.edu.au (Yoke Berry)
To:       Multiple recipients of list <emf-l@mail.llion.org>

Dear all,
 Wollongong City Council (NSW, Australia) has recently brought out a draft
interim policy on the siting of telecommunications facilities.

The section on electromagnetic radiation in the policy states:

"Facilities subject to this plan should meet the following precautionary
siting requirements:

  Not within 300 metres from any residential dwelling unless annual average
  exposure at the nearest residential dwelling is less than 0.2micro W/cm-2.

  Not within 300 metres from any school, child care centre, hospital or aged
  care centre."

Can anyone tell me, from actual measurement data ,:
- what your  highest and lowest measurements were at a 300
  metre radius from a mobile phone tower (analogue and digital),
- what were these values when two carriers were located on the one tower,
- and does anyone have values for these measurements for multiple carriers
  the one tower ?

Your input would be greatly appreciated !
Kind regards,
Yoke Berry

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