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I assume that this is where the CM obtained their story
>New warning on mobiles
>Hands-free kits for mobile phones channel three times more radiation into
the brain than hand-held mobiles, according to the Consumers' Association,
writes Sarah Boseley.

>A report in this week's Which? magazine on tests on two of the most
popular kits says researchers found that the wires leading from the phone
into the ear acted like an aerial, conveying a more concentrated dose of
radio waves.

>Exposure to this type of radiation can cause a rise in body temperature
that makes the heart work harder and can lead to headaches, sickness and
dizziness. Some experts claim the phones can cause tumours, headaches and
memory loss. The National Radiological Protection Board, which limits the
amount of radiation that mobile phones are permitted to emit, says they do
not have enough energy to cause cancer. But it sets limits on the grounds
that the heating effect may be a problem.

>* The auction for licences to operate the next generation of mobile phones
has topped 10bn so far. Analysts say it could exceed 15bn.

>The Guardian Weekly 6-4-2000, page 8