Moreton Institute's Environmental Students Tom Foley and Sarah Gibson monitor the health of Coolnwynpin Creek.

Students monitor creek environment

STUDENTS from the Certificate IV in Applied Environmental Management (Natural Resources) at Moreton Institute of TAFE's Bayside Campus are participating in the water monitoring of Coolnwynpin Creek.

As part of their study they are looking at the chemical testing of the water as well as water quality, riparian vegetation and biological monitoring assessments.

These three processes indicate the total health of waterways.

The parameters being measured for water quality include phosphate and nitrate levels, water temperature, dissolved oxygen levels, turbidity and pH.

For riparian vegetation the students are looking at the quantity and quality of what is remaining along the creek banks.

The biological monitoring involves the students monitoring the macroinvertebrates that live on the, bottom of the creek.

They are a strong indicator of a waterway's health due to their sensitivity to pollution. The greater the biodiversity the better the health of the waterway.

The final report will be presented to the Nature Conservation Unit of the Redland Shire Council.

High levels of nutrients in the creek are demonstrating that Coolnwynpin is far from healthy.

Moreton institute of TAFE Bayside Campus

Redland Bulletin 30 Nov 99

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