Premier Peter Beattie & Attn: Rob Whiddon, Chief of Staff

From: Amy E. Glade, 18 Sutphin St. Capalaba Q 4157

Date: January 7, 2000

Subject: Land Clearing–Redland Shire (Yr Ref.MCU 3/12/99)

I draw your attention to the continuing vandalism approved by RSC of remnant bushland areas (plus filling in of wetlands – (see internet bringing to extinction many native species of flora and fauna with apparently no controls to stop it. As you know, a remnant block under "special protection" was totally cleared recently on Moreton Bay Rd. Capalaba with only a strip of land left for wildlife, a declared wetland under the previous administration but not now…even though for weeks now water has been pumped out of the site into an unhealthy Coolnwynpin Creek. Pollution levels will increase when building starts and waste/run off ends up in the creek.

PLEASE HELP stop total clearing practices NOW.

The article below is self-explanatory. Thank you for caring.

Copy to: Rod Welford, Minister for Environment.

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