May 20, 1997


To: Mr. W.G. Dawson, Planning & Environment

Redland Shire Council

Prom: Amy E. Glade, 18 Sutphin St. Capalaba

Dear Mr. Dawson:

just a short note following our conversation of May 19 th on the wetland site at Moreton Bay Rd. Capalaba on which I had asked for viewing of the EIS. Please note comments by Ray Bucknall, Councillor for Capalaba in the last paragraph on sum total of land that can be developed without causing damage to remaining natural environment in local paper in February/97 ....and thanks for the call.


Furniture shop objection

An application for Town Planning Consent to construct a showroom for a Super A Mart furniture store on Moreton Bay Road, Capalaba has attracted opposition.

The application which finished its objection period on February 6, is expected to go before Council in the text six weeks for deliberation.

The land, which is zoned Comprehensive Development and is next to the storage complex in Moreton Bay Road is close to Coolnwynpin creek and contains a natural lake and a large wetland area.

Resident Amy Glade, who lives nearby, has written to Mayor Eddie Santagiuliana pointing out that the block would need filling to be used for a showroom and that would cause an impact on the creek through run-off.

Mrs Glade said the block was home to local fauna and wildlife relied on the vegetation for survival.

In reply Cr Santagiuliana said Council would hold discussions with the applicant, noting the flood liability of the wetland area and vegetation coverage, when it came before Council.

Divisional councillor Ray Bucknall said only about 10 percent of the 1.52 hectare block was developable and he would be insisting Council imposed conditions to ensure any development did not impinge on the surrounding wetland or cause pollution in the creek.

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