18 Sutphin Street
Capalaba Qld 4157

November 16, 1999


The Honourable Peter Beattie
Brisbane Q4000


Dear Mr. Beattie:

Subject: 29-37 Moreton Bay Wetlands, Capalaba
(your ref: MN-181172)


My question is this:

If this site was identified by Department of Natural Resources as a wetland knowing it is artificial, by what means has local authority determined that it is not legally a wetland? And why should it be fought for ‘legally’?

This is adjoining Coolnwynpin Creek, already suffering severely by humans determined to develop every scrap of land available. I watched in horror as a bulldozer pushed earth into the creek bed. Simon Baltais of Wildlife Preservation

knows all about it as it was through him I got involved.

Allow me to quote from world reknowned environmentalist Dr. David Suzuki: The riparian or green zone being the border between water and land, provides food and shelter for fish and wild birds, (in the case of this wetland block, its home to koalas fast dying out in this area) which in turn reoxygenate the waters. Destroy the riparian zone and the rest goes with it. How much do we have to lose of the natural environment before we stop hearing the words "she’ll be right, mate" one gets sick of hearing day after day.

The government has failed in its duty to keep a balance between environment and development in Capalaba, taking away the last of a green buffer between Moreton Bay/Old Cleveland Roads impacting heavily on livability of nearby residents, and all involved should hang their heads in shame. Pat Comben, former Environment Minister had said to the students on one World Environment Day at Alexandra Hills College that "it is hoped you will look after the environment better than we have". Why should we be left off the hook…and why should government officials who should be looking after our interests, get a free ride?


Amy E. Glade

Copy to: Hon Rod Welford, Minister for Environment

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