Environmental Protection Agency has acknowledged that the Society was correct in identifying the site as a wetland and that the, proposed development wasn't minor. Redland Shire Council had refused to accept that the area was a wetland and considered the development minor. The Environmental Protection Agency have consequently written to and advised the Redland Shire Council about these matters and are currently seeking a better outcome. We now encourage everybody to write to the Minister for Environment, Hon Rod Welford and the Minister for Communication and Information, Local Government and Planning, Hon Terry Mackenroth requesting that they ensure this area receives appropriate protection and that a better outcome is achieved for the residents of Capalaba and Redland Shire. The area is a valuable refuge for many local wildlife species and is also valuable for its aesthetic value for the community.

The Society is receiving ever increasing calls for assistance from residents to help them stop or modify inappropriate development. Redland Bay, Capalaba and Thornlands are the hot spots. The scale of the community concern is almost beyond our means and we are truly stretched to the limits in being able to cope. We hope the community concern translates into a tide of change that will bring about changes to many people's attitudes to the natural environment and that they remember the lessons learnt when it counts.

WPSQ Newsletter Bayside Branch Sept 1999

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