Queensland Wader Study Group
(A special interest group of the
Queensland Ornithological Society Inc)


Project Manager
Port of Brisbane Fisherman Islands Expansion
Projects and Infrastructure Division
Department of State Development
PO Box 168

6 October 2000

Dear Sir/Madam

Re: Submission on the Draft Impact Assessment Study for the Proposed Port Expansion at Fisherman Islands

The Queensland Wader Study Group (QWSG) submits the following concerns in relation to the proposed port expansion at Fisherman Islands. The QWSG with a current membership of 200 is a special interest group within the Queensland Ornithological Society Incorporated (Birds Queensland) whose members total in excess of 500.

The significance of the Port environs for shorebirds is established in the IAS (section 7.8). The very high level of use of the current detention basins by shorebirds demonstrates the limited options for shorebirds for high tide roosts in this part of Moreton Bay. Continued provision of high tide roosting areas for shorebirds will be a necessary component of the proposed port development.

The port development which has already reclaimed large intertidal areas and the associated impacts including ongoing dredging and placement of that spoil (including future options after the reclamation is finished) has and will have significant impact on the ecology of the Bay. While the IAS is only concerned with the impacts of the additional 230 ha of reclamation, this development needs to be considered in context. High value shorebird roosts will exist while the reclamation is taking place, given appropriate management of these areas. The IAS needs to clearly identify, adequate provision of secure shorebird roosts for the longer term.

Currently the 2025 Concept Strategic Plan (Figure5.4.1) only shows the current proposed bird roost. This roost was not identified in the Port of Brisbane Land Use Strategy, November 1998. Adequate provision of shorebird roosting areas will need specific investigation.

In order to investigate the roost site requirements, an undertaking by the PBC needs to be made to carry out the following actions:

To consider the requirements of all shorebirds currently using the port area for roosting in determining roost requirements.

To ensure that the future final roosts function with minimal ongoing site works being conducted to maintain the roost viability and health.

To consult with the QWSG in the investigations, including;

  • visits for QWSG members to detention basins for monitoring of shorebirds,
  • on future planning for bird roost, green edge and landscaping features, and
  • on planning for stormwater drains and discharge points.

The QWSG is willing to provide the input of members to ensure that the best possible outcomes are achieved for shorebirds in Moreton Bay, given the expansion goes ahead. As a major stakeholder in the long term future of the Moreton Bay environment, the PBC has a responsibility to protect adequate high tide roosts for shorebirds.

Yours sincerely,


Sandra Harding

On behalf of
The Queensland Wader Study Group.