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10 June 1999

Letters to the Editor
Wynnum Herald

Dear Sir

Misled or Misinformation

In your article headed Action plan for project (WH 9/6/99) Paul Lucas spoke about the new port road, "providing a safe road for residents."

Mr Lucas either has been given limited information or is misrepresenting the facts. The Port Road will not be a "Safe road for residents" because it is being built to allow the use by very long heavy vehicles presently not allowed east of Toowoomba.

These long-heavy vehicles will take the form of Type one road trains and B-Triples. This information was contained in the Main Roads' files which our group read under Freedom of Information nearly five years ago.

Further support for our claim is contained within the Main Roads first newsletter couched in terms such as, 'critical to the long term economic development of the south east region and western parts of the state' and 'efficient freight movement' and "facilitate the use of more freight efficient vehicles' ".

The Rivermouth Action Group Inc. now calls upon the Queensland Labor Government to suppend all work on the Port Road and fully explain the impact of the proposed Port Road on all Brisbane's residents by informing Brisbane's residents as to what hours these vehicles will be allowed on Brisbane's roads, how long and what the capacity these freight efficient vehicles will be.

Yours sincerely


Barry Wilson.


The Rivermouth Action Group Inc.

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