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Site 117 - 119 Waminda Street, Morningside

Lots 222 - 223 RP 13275

The video pictures below were only taken after several unsuscusseful complaints about lack of sediment control were made to the Brisbane City Council over a five days period from 9 July. The many vehicles exiting the Queensland Department of Housing re-development site over the past few weeks have been depositing soil onto the gutter and on to the road and for up to 400+ meters from the site. Q-Build have admitted that they are the responsible Government authority for the sub-contractors on the site.

First the vegetation was removed, then an excavator on site, then the old Queenslander house was cut in half and moved out in two pieces. The second half was prepared for moving on Friday 9 July. Each vehicle leaving the site placed more soil in the gutter and on the road. The weather over the preceding weeks had been the wettest June for many years. No attempt was made after each heavy vehicle had exited the site to clean deposited mud off the road or at the end of each day of work.

The Brisbane City Council took seven days from the first (?) complaint on Friday 9 July to CONFIRM that the site did not fall under their jurisdiction, as it was in fact a Queensland Government project therefore the Environmental Protection Agency only had jurisdiction. Apparently the BCC have not advise the Environmental Protection Agency to follow up the complaint.

Even when the contractors made an attempt to clean up a small section of the road on Thursday 15 July the method used was to loosen the lumps of soil on the road with a shovel and wash the soil into the gutter. No sediment control devices were in place to prevent soil etc from entering the stormwater drain. When by chance, a member of the public with a video camera noticed the activities, a shovel of slop out of the gutter was thrown by shovel in the direction of the video camera. (picture 4 below).

With a complaint made to Q-Build by phone on Friday morning 16 July after a message from the Brisbane City Council on Thursday 15 July and a copy of the video taken on 15 July was hand delivered to Q-Build (some pictures below), on Friday 16 July 1999, the Government body whose contractors were responsible for this environmental vandalism. A request (demand) for the road to be cleaned that day was made.

This was not done. Soil was still on the road 10.00 am. on Saturday 17 July 1999 and the video picture file appears below.

Some further cleanup was undertaken on Sunday 18 July. (picture 14, soil was removed)

1 1 Building site with date stamp2

1. & 2. 117-119 Waminda Street, Morningside with time and date stamp. Notice no sediment fence in place.

Rain fell overnight.

3. 4.

3. Video clip taken 15. July 1999 1:40 p.m.. 4. Notice in this picture the spoil in the air (against blue sky) being thrown towards video camera.

5. 6

5. & 6. Sediment being hosed directly towards stormwater grate.

7. 8.

7. Attempt to begin to remove sediment from gutter once video taping began. 8. Sediment including stones were placed on the footpath grass thus becoming a danger whilst resident/s mow the footpath.

9. 10.

9. Taken after rain. Adjacent to drain in picture 10. 10. Sediment in bottom of stormwater drain.

11. 12.

11. Even after an attempted clean up on 15 July 1999 and overnight rain soil deposited on the road some days before is still present. 12. Sediment is still present some 150+ meters and much further along the road.

13. 14.

13. -14. Notice the large deposits on the centre white line. The white line is about 100 cm wide.

15. 16.

15. Sediment is still on the road RHS many meters along the road. 16. Depicts sediment in the gutter almost opposite the site.

p.s. After a further phone call to Q-Build (A.H. phone number) on Sunday morning 18 July an effort was made to clean some more of the road surface especially the area shown in pictures 13 & 14. Still no sediment fence.

Sediment Fence was in place by 4:00 p.m. Tuesday 20 July 1999.

Was the sediment fence maintained?


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