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Originally a decision was made not to raise this issue on the WEB after the discussion with QRail Staff, but when the actions of QRail are examined on how the general public are treated by QRail if they board a train without a ticket because they arrived at a railway station and don't have the change to buy a rail ticket or arrive just in time to catch the train, we have decided to give QRail the same treatment. Show no mercy!

Over the few weeks before 21 June 1999 trucks began to deliver concrete sleepers to an area of land owned by QRail in Waminda Avenue Morningside. Because the site has no sealed driveway as each truck left the site their tyres tracked soil onto the road.

Over this three week period of time wet weather was experienced and washed deposited soil from the road into the stormwater drainage. Each time the site was inspected more material had been placed on the road by exiting trucks. Eventually truck loads of ballast material began to appear on the site. The amount of material deposited upon the road increased after the rain due to muddy conditions on the site.

When eventually a complaint was made to QRail Environmental Manager, a fax was sent to the local Project Manager at Cannon Hill on Friday 18 June. Because the workforce was to work on Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 no workers were available on Friday to clean the road.

On Tuesday the 22 June 1999 about 9.00 am video was taken of the area in question. The footpath had been swept and a section of Waminda Street had also been swept. After speaking to a driver in a QRail truck information was obtained about the Project Manager. On the trip to the Cannon Hill depot office a further section of road adjacent to the part of the Cannon Hill depot on the northern side of the Brisbane to Cleveland Rail line was found to have a excessive amount of soil not only in the gutter but across the road surface and in the street gully. This site was at the intersection of Armstrong and Whitworth Roads. A video was also made of this area also.

At QRail work's depot office at Cannon Hill the issue was raised and a visit was made of the two sites. An explanation was made as why the road was not cleaned on Friday or on Monday because of the weekend work.

Suggestion were made that the QRail Environmental Best Practises need to be review and that when deliveries are to be made to depot sites without a sealed surface that a more pro-active approach be taken daily to keep the road surface clean

The issue of the footpath being damaged by the many heavy vehicles needed to be repaired of replaced by QRail and not by the Brisbane's rate payers.

The following pictures are thumbnails of the images taken on video.

So much for the Queensland Environmental Protection Policy on Water and the Certification of QRail to Environmental Best Practise!

Click on the small images to see a larger image.

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  1. is partial clean up Waminda Street before 9 am inspection Tuesday
  2. is QRail truck and remaining ballast
  3. is a site picture inc remaining ballast
  4. is a site picture inc remaining concrete sleepers
  5. is part of the damaged footpath on Waminda Street

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6. is a picture showing dust problem in Whitworth Road

7. access to works depot

8. road surface outside of depot access

9. shows road surface and street drain

10. looking east down Armstrong Road from Whitworth Road

11. road surface at intersection

12. dirt in gutter in Whitworth Road eastern side adjacent to depot access

13. show remaining dirt in gutter even after road sweeper had visited adjacent and north of street gully in picture 9

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