Mr Hayden Wright
Executive Officer
Redland Shire Council

For Your Information

Re: Proposed Showroom and Industrial Premises at 29 – 37 Moreton Bay Road, Capalaba.

Dear Hayden

We wish to advise you we do not agree with your officers recommendation that the proposed showroom at 29 – 37 Moreton Bay Road, Capalaba is minor or ancillary in nature and therefore it does require a trigger for referral agency input. We therefore strongly object to Redland Shire Councils apparent support to see the wetland on the subject site destroyed.

We have advised your officers and Environmental Protection Agency officers numerous times that this area is a wetland, recognised as such by various legislation. See attached. While the area is small in size it forms a valuable refuge, during dry seasons and flooding events on Coolnwynpin Creek, for many local native species. A matter which can be confirmed by local conservation groups and Redland Shire Council Wildlife officers. The area also has valuable aesthetic values for the local community and as its near the gateway to the Shire, it enhances the Shires reputation as a community concerned about the environment; the benefits of this flow onto the local tourist industry and well being of Shire residents in general.

However, once again we find Redland Shire Councils attention to the protection of wetland habitat lacking. Council appears prepared to spend substantial amounts of ratepayers money creating artificial wetlands in Capalaba, yet cannot take steps to protect the Shires current wetlands. Council even appears prepared to ignore its own Local Planning Policies on Wetland protection by allowing the filling in of the present wetland on the subject site.

We believe both Redland Shire Council and the applicant are now open to legal challenge, a matter no doubt to be pursued by some local community groups.

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