Big drop in local koala sightings

KOALA sightings in the Redland Shire are down again this year with 200 sightings reported in the October Phone-in survey compared to 250 in 1998 and 350 in 1997.

It is estimated that less than 10 per cent of the koala population is reported during the survey period and this is backed up by the QPWS Koala Research Unit whose studies show that bushland populations are still relatively stable.

 Vice president of the Koala Action Group Chris Moriarty said it was very disturbing that fewer koalas were being reported each year.

 "The numerous calls to the wildlife ambulance show that koalas are everywhere but people just aren't aware enough.

"Some koalas are living under terrible conditions. People leave large dogs out in yards at night not even realising that koalas are trying to move around," she said.

The Koala Action Group will be stepping up their awareness campaign in the year 2000 through visits to Neighbourhood Watch meetings with orphaned koalas.

Bayside Bulletin December 7, 1999 Page 7

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