The following draft letter is if your child is being harassed by staff at their school.

The Principal

.................... State High School

Dear Sir

RE: Child's NAME Date of Birth

I have been now forced to take the following action due to the manner my child has been harassed/victimised at your school over the last week (month).

1 All authority you consider you have or members of your staff have to either discipline, suspend or impose detention upon my child is now to be considered to be totally withdrawn on receipt of this fax. Even if you are of the opinion I cannot withdraw such rights, I demand that I be consulted before any of the above are carried out. This also includes any reprimand that a staff member may feel warranted over any issue whatsoever.

2 My child will now not suffer any harassment/victimisation by you or any other member of your staff or Government employees at your school.

3 My child is not to be interviewed or questioned by you and or any member of the school staff or any other person on school premises, unless I am in attendance no matter what it is in connection with.

4 It is quite evident that my child's interests are not being best served by you or some of your teaching staff and this matter will be taken further if it continues.

If you have any concerns over the contents of this letter or the tone of it please feel free to contact me on the above phone number and discuss the matter.

This message is to be conveyed to the many members on the school staff as a matter of urgency. If any further incidents occur I will immediately instigate legal action without delay. I have sought legal advice on my child's behalf and will not be deterred in having my child's legal rights protected.

I will also fax a copy of this letter to the office of the Director General of Education after the transmission of this fax.

I hope that this letter leaves you in little doubt as to my intentions to see this matter resolved.

Yours faithfully