Under the Judicial Review Act, some administrative decision of some public servants both State and Local Government can be questioned. The request takes a simple format as in the letter set out below. It does not cost any more that the paper, ink, envelope and stamp or fax.

There is a requirement under the Act to respond within 28 days. That response should be either answers to question put in your letter or an explanation on how the person you questioned is excepted under the Act from having to answer the questions you put to them on how they came to their decision. The decisions they made can also be decisions they have not made. eg. Your decision not to respond to my letter of date or your decision not to grant me a meeting or your decision not to make a decision about !!!!!!!!!.

Judicial Review Officer
Department of Education
P.O. BOX 33

Dear Sir


Today, (date), name of teacher at (which school), made a decision that my child (name) .......(date of birth)...(address)......... must or must not ........................

This is a request under Section 32 of the Judicial Review Act.

I request a 'statement of reasons' for that decision

A. How you came to that decision?

B. What factors did you take into account coming to that decision?

C. What detriment do you see to yourself, the school, the teaching staff, other students, the community, the Education Department, if your decision is not carried out or changed.

Would you please ensure that your statement contains, the matters referred to in Section 34 of the Act.

Just in case you are new to these requests, Section 33 of the Act allows 28 days to respond in writing.

Yours sincerely




This letter covers any and every decision made for which the Education Act allows for. e.g. detention, suspension, home work and School Uniforms.

Even if you do make a mistake and the decision was not made under an Act, the Judicial Act still requires that you be responded to within 28 days by law.

If enough letters of request are sent to Education Department's Legal Section by teachers wanting a legal resopnse prepared for them someone in the Department will notice there is a problem at your school. (I hope)