Staff uniform policy change


DIRECTOR-General Terry Moran has encouraged schools to consider introducing staff uniforms, following a recent change to Education Queensland policy.

 In an open letter to all principals and district directors, Mr Moran said there were many advantages in developing non-compulsory corporate clothing for school staff.

Under the department's previous policy Education Queensland staff were able to design, order and pay for their own non-compulsory corporate clothing.

 However, these uniforms could not carry the Education Queensland logo or the name of the department.

In addition, as approval had not been given at that stage, Education Queensland staff were unable to claim tax benefits.

"Owing to a large number of schools eager to introduce non-compulsory corporate clothing, Education Queensland has introduced a new policy and system," Mr Moran said.

"I encourage schools to take advantage of this new policy and consider introducing non-compulsory corporate clothing."

The new policy allows: 

Logo use

 The Education Queensland logo does not have to appear on non-compulsory corporate clothing.

 It is simply an option for schools to use the department's logo in conjunction with instead of their school logo.

 To ensure that Education Queensland's corporate image is accurately and consistently displayed, use of the logo should comply with the following guidelines.

The two logo formats pictured right can be used on non- compulsory corporate clothing.

Both the triangle and the words must be used as they form the complete logo. Other variations or versions of the logo cannot be used on non-compulsory corporate clothing.

It is preferred that the logo appears in blue (pms blue 2746) and yellow (pms yellow 137), with the colours matching as close as possible to the stated pms colours.

 These colours are also used for publishing purposes. If it is not appropriate to use two colours, the logo can be reproduced in one colour, either blue or black. When black or blue is used, it is recommended it be reproduced against a plain, light-coloured (preferably white) background so that the smaller triangles and circles within the main triangle are distinctive.

Where the logo is embroidered onto a badge which is then sewn onto the uniform, ensure that there is sufficient space between the edge of the logo and the edge of the badge.

People seeking further information on the logo should con- tact the Public and Media Relations Branch on (07) 3237 1363.

Tax benefits

To receive tax benefits, non-compulsory corporate clothing must be registered with the Commonwealth Department of Industry, Science and Tourism (CDIST).

CDIST imposes a number of criteria which must be met before registration is approved.

These criteria address: 

The CDIST registration form requires the signature of the employer.

 Advice from the Australian Taxation Office had indicated that the Director-General of Education must approval sign all registration forms for non-compulsory uniforms.

 "In light of the fact that there are more than 1300 schools in Queensland, I have delegated my authority to sign as employer for the purpose of registering non-compulsory corporate uniforms for school-based staff to principals and district office-based staff to the district's manager, Education Services," Mr Moran said.

"Under no circumstances can any other position sign as employer. If this occurs, the registration will not he approved."

For information concerning the delegation contact Don Hamilton on (07) 3237 0017.

Registration date

On the registration forms supplied by CDIST, applicants are required to nominate the dates they wish the registration to take effect. This date must he no earlier than 1 January 1999.

 To receive a copy of the CDIST requirements and a registration form contact the Textiles, Clothing and Footwear Branch, CDIST on (03) 9268 7944.


Under no circumstances is sponsorship or advertising to appear on non-compulsory corporate uniforms which carry the Education Queensland logo.

When purchasing non-compulsory corporate clothing, schools must act in accordance with the State Purchasing Policy. The policy is available on the Education Queensland intranet site, or for further information contact the Financial Operations Unit on (07) 3235 4128.

The acquisition and sale of non-compulsory corporate clothing should take place within the parameters of Education of Queensland's trade practices policy. This policy is contained in module LL - 12 in the Department of Education Manual, or contact Heidi Kitson in Education Queensland's Trade Practices Unit on (07) 3235 4664.


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