Department of Environment and Heritage.


21 September 1998.

EXTRACT from Correspondence

....The Caloundra Maroochy Strategic Wastewater Management Study has been adopted for planning purposes. It is our understanding that th epotable reuse option was rejected and that indirect potable reuse was adopted. However, as you would be aware, the proposed implementation od indirect potable reuse of treated sewage effluent is contingent upon community acceptance including a referendum planned for the future. It is also contingent on extensive futuring monitoring and technical assessment including years of testing using a piolet plant and gathering data from research being undertaken around Australia and overseas. This work is expected to include consideration of public health isues before any decision is made with respect to effluent reuse. ............

The Department is also participating in a major strategy to develop the State's policy for the use of reclaimed water. One part of teh strategy will be to assess health risks of contaminants in wastewater, including endocrine disruptors. This policy when it is finalised would also be taken into consideration when making any decision with respect to direct or indirect potable reuse.

The Department has received an application for environmental authority under the Environmental Protection Act 1994 for stage 1 of the Landsborough seweragew scheme limited to a capacity of 5,000 equivalent persons to discharge tertiary treated effluent to Ewen Maddock Dam. This proposal is in accordance with Caloundra City Council's consent application approved under the Local Government Planning and Environment Act 1990. ...........


R. Wolff
Regional Manager (Environment)
Southeastern Region

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