Brisbane City Council Shame File # 52

Brisbane City Council needs employ a better educated and thinking traffic engineers and installers.

Photo taken at 6.04 pm on 10 December 2010

Sunset that day was 6.38 pm

The height above the road to the operational times shown is about 2.5 metres.

The design height for the numbers displaying the time is 35 mm. (see below)

During winter solstice in Brisbane the official sunset time is 5.00 pm

Just how is a motorist expected to read a traffic sign at night up to two hours after sunset when the numbers are hidden behind tree branches and are only 3.5 cm in height 2.5 m above the road whilst the headlights are on low beam.

"Signs should be mounted clear or roadside vegetation and clearly visible at night assuming
low beam headlights."
RE:page 7


The design for the New Approved T2 Traffic Sign (TC 1066 now R7-7-3).

Now the times of operation are 12 cm high and not 3.5 cm over 3 times larger.


It's a shame that the BCC was not aware of this happening.

These pictures are placed on the WEB in an attempt to SHAME the Brisbane City Council into upgrading signage for readability.

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