Brisbane City Council Shame File #13

This development needs better and adequate sediment control.

This developer need to be prosecuted to show the Brisbane City Council is serious.

This development has no sealed or hard stand driveway for the many vehicles to enter. Soil, gravel, sand have been left on the road surface and in the gutter after the workers left for the day.

23 August 1999 after 5.00 pm

Cash Street Manly West cnr with Atlanta and Rickston Streets.

1. 2.

1. Gravel left in gutter. 2. Another view of same.

3. 4.

3. Dirt on road in Cash Street. 4. Sand like material in gutter.

5. 6.

5. More sand in driveway. 6. Sand further down gutter.

7. 8.

7. Dirt left in gutter. 8. Closer look at dirt in gutter.


9. Another view that the developer needs to see.

Complaint made to BCC Saturday afternoon 21 August 1999.

There were light showers on Monday morning. Pictures taken Monday 23 August after 5.00 pm

Pictures by Umax digital camera also a video tape of site was made at same time showing even more issues.

There is a poor excuse for a short sediment fence. It isn't even touching the ground in places, not dug in, and most of the tail of the sediment fence is not even covered over. Most run-off will run under the fence.

It's a shame that the BCC continues to allows this to happen.

These pictures are placed on the WEB in an attempt to SHAME the Brisbane City Council into being serious about such inaction by developers and builders and that the BCC employ sufficient staff to respond within 24 hours of ALL such complaints.

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