Brisbane City Council Shame File #4

Brisbane City Council approved this development against strong public opposition yet neglect to enforce adequate sediment control.

This development has no sealed or hard stand driveway for any of the many builders' vehicles to enter or exit.

1. soil in gutter2. soil in gutter

1 & 2 show the gutter outside this development.

3. soil in gutter4. muddy driveway access to building site.  soil in gutter.

3. In the gutter further along. 4. Shows the access point used by some vehicles.

5. unmaintained sediment fence6. another driveway with soil in gutter.

5. Shows the sediment fence on Friday morning. 6. Another access point to a development site.

7. dirt across roadway8. hole in sediment fence above street gully

7. The road surface in front of one of the housing sites. 8. Note the hole in the sediment above the street gully.

9. sediment fence ends adjacent to street gully.

9. How could any Brisbane City Council officer not see the problem with the sediment fence ending over a street gully? Even though the road and gutter has been cleaned after a complaint to the BCC and the Developer this section of fence remained the same.

It's a shame that this Developer has not employed someone keep the gutter and road free of sediment. Pity the many BCC officers who must visit the site on their many inspections have enforced sediment control.

These pictures are placed on the WEB in an attempt to SHAME the Brisbane City Council into remedial action.

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31 July 1999

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