Scanned copy of letter received from the Brisbane City Council.

The relevant sections of the letter have been highlighted in red.

Brisbane City Council

Natural Environment Group

Urban Management Division


Level 5 69 Ann Street

GPO Box 1434

Brisbane Qld 4W1

Telephone (07) 340 35579

Facsimile (07) 340 36413

7 May 1999

Mr Barry Wilson

The Rivermouth Action Group Inc

PO Box 268

Morningside Q 4170

Dear Mr Wilson

Re: Agistment at Minnippi


I refer to your letter of 8 April 1999 requesting information on the use of the Minnippi Parklands at Cannon Hill.

The Minnippi Wetland Complex is a large aggregation of six riverine floodplain wetlands covering approximately 200 hectares, part of which was identified in the 1991 Bulimba Creek Flood Study as having high conservation value. Council's commitment to wetland protection and management is reflected in the new City Plan in which a Wetlands Planning Scheme Code with a Wetlands Map has been introduced for the first time. Further, the Brisbane City Council wetlands evaluation program which will be completed within the next three months will provide information on protection and management of the city's wetlands, including areas to be designated for conservation.

Regarding your concerns about grazing in wetlands, a balance needs to be struck for effective management. Large areas which have historically been grazed and have subsequently had the grazing removed, eg, Tinchi Tamba Wetlands Reserve, can be subject to extensive weed regrowth which could threaten adjoining habitats. Consideration may be given, therefore, to reintroducing controlled and strategic grazing which would be monitored for effectiveness and impacts in order to direct efforts in managing adjoining wetlands of high conservation significance. Further advice would also be sought from the Environmental Protection Agency which has hitherto recommended grazing in wetlands for the control of Para Grass.

As you are aware, Council, is seeking tenders for recreational development in lands west of Bulimba Creek. Agistment agreements or leases in the area will not be renewed until the future of those lands is finalised. Grazing will therefore cease in that area. The successful tenderer for the development will be required to undertake an Environmental Impact Assessment Report. A proposal will require the ecological values of Minnippi to be taken into account.

Please contact Kath Stephens, 3403 4142, should you wish to discuss these issues any further.

Yours sincerely


Graham Phegan



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