Hi my name is Barry Wilson

I'm the webmaster for

The Rivermouth Action Group Inc.

total Web Site.
Some 1500 pages @ 2 February 2001

My first computer was a Commodore Vic 20 started with 3.5 k of RAM upgraded to 19.5 k of RAM

I now operate a Celeron 733 with 512 meg ram 20 gig HD networked

with 56k internal fax modem running 50.6k Optus line (Telstra only managed 30k)

Flyvideo II card using Sony 202 video camera when required.

My first computer cost far more than my present computer.

If my present computer crashes, I could use a computer rental to test out which computer I would want next.

I am the present Chairperson of The Rivermouth Action Group Inc.

And a member of the following groups:

  • Ban Aircraft over Residential Brisbane

  • Bayside Environmental Network Inc

  • Bulimba Creek Catchment Co-ordination Committee

  • Bulimba Creek Protection Society (f)

  • Freight Rail Action Group (f)

  • Stop Master Butchers Industrial Estate in Hemmant/Tingalpa Action Group (f)

  • Moreton Bay Environmental Alliance

  • Perrin Creek Action Group (f)
  • Save our Squirrel Glider Possums Committee (f)

  • Seven Hills Bushland Preservation Society (f)

  • Truth in Valuation Action Group (f)

  • AMCS Moreton Bay Branch


A consultant or unfinancial member to many other groups including:


  • Hawthorne Action Group

Member of consultative committees such as:

  • Dual Gauge Rail line to Fisherman Islands

  • Port Road to Fisherman Islands

  • Perrin Creek Flood Study

  • Brisbane Gateway Ports Study

  • Brisbane Gateway Ports Study Environmental Sub-Group

  • Brisbane City Council's Your City Your Say

  • Inghams Chickens Murarrie Upgrade

  • Proposed Liquid Toxic Waste Treatment at Pinkenba

  • Bulimba Creek Management Plan

  • Cannon Hill Local Area Plan


E-MAIL activist@rag.org.au

(f) = founding member

06 June 2003

This page is maintained by

The Rivermouth Action Group Inc

E-mail: activist@rag.org.au

as a community service.