Brisbane City Council Shame File # 12

Does the Brisbane City Council enforce 'Conditions of Development'?

If so, WHEN?


(A 1999 BCC court case for non-compliance on a site at Lytton which was held over 5 years after the first written complaint. There were Condition set down in that Court's Decision which were to be complied with within 90 days. Those conditions have not been complied with during fifteen + months since.)

Why does the BCC not have the Court enforce the conditions?

The Brisbane City Council doesn't even enforce its own Conditions of Development.

How soon will this owner be made comply and install their sealed driveway?

****** Site now vacant August 2000 *****

1270 Lytton Road Hemmant.

1. 2.

Read the BCC letter below first, then

See new pictures

29 December 1999 and was still no better!


The Letter acknowledged a complaint on 22 January 1999, the letter is dated 19 March 1999

and the video pictures taken 26 June 1999.

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