The Queensland Government announced Policy to protect Queensland Wetlands on

'World Wetland's Day' 2 February 1999.

see Minister's press release

Personally I don't think the minister's announced government policy to protect wetlands holds much water.

No legislation! No protection!

On 29 January 1999, just a few days before the Minister's announcement 2/2/99 the Regional Planning Team of the Department of Environment & Heritage signed off with no objection to the destruction of a large freshwater wetland Habitat at Lytton.

see DEH's official letter and Additional Comments to Brisbane City Council

Don't forget to check out the date of the letter and the date within the letter!!

The date on the letter was 29 January 1998

At the bottom of each of the three pages of Comments is "January 1999"

If they can't get the date correct what can they get correct?

The following are some video frames taken on Saturday, 15 May 1999.

Magpie Geese, Ibis, Ducks, Waterhens, and Shore Birds were present.

An application was made by Triumph International of 30-32 North Road Wynnum West to fill the western half of their property for sale for Industrial Development. It is their site which is contained in all but the last one of the images which was taken on the adjoining property.

press on any picture to see a larger copy of any.

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