The Past Lord Mayor of Brisbane was a FINK

"A Fink is someone who does not keep their promises"

This web page tripples as our Group's Brisbane City Council Shame File #42 for June 2002
and Shame Photos of the Month for June 2002.

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We have heard much about how the past Lord Mayor of Brisbane promised to clean up the Brisbane River.

Millions of dollars have been spent in research, publicity including television, radio, brochures, self promotion and the like.

In my opinion when it comes down to the line on river pollution Brisbane City Council Works and possibly one of BCC many contractors appear to have failed basic sediment control procedures.

The Site Supervisor/s needs to be stood in the corner with the DUNCE hat on for a while.

Look at the pictures taken on Sunday 16 June 2002 in Carl Street, Buranda at about 12.15 pm

This is after two days of BCC working in the street.

Note new kerb, new top soil, new bitumen and the fine concrete slurry in gutter.

This should have been cleaned up Saturday when it happened not left remaining on Sunday!

Absolute no indication that any sediment controls were in place during this work.

How can any BCC supervisor/s in charge of this work site keep their job????

Reported to BCC call centre approx. 12.30 pm 16 June 2002

Job reference numbers 166825 @ 12.30 pm

and R291676 also.

I knew of a storm forecast for that afternoon.

Below is the storm fronts which passed over Brisbane starting about 10.00 pm that evening which in my opinion would have washed all / most of the fine sediment in the photos above down the street drain and into Norman Creek.

(That is if the BCC had not got off their collective Rear Ends in the mean time and complied with their "General Duty of Care" to our Aquatic Environment)

While hundreds if not thousands of Brisbane residents are regularly giving up their weekends in order to repair, remove weeds, replant large areas along Brisbane's many creeks yet in our opinion some Brisbane City Council employees are responsible for the continuing degradation of the same creeks, waterways and Moreton Bay.

This is just not good enough JIM!!!!

Shame on you JIM!

I phoned the BCC call centre at about 4.00 pm to request a response from their inspector but I was told that the pollution inspector had decided that it was not important enough for him to go out to.

I informed the Shift supervisor at the BCC call centre that a storm was predicted for that evening and the cleanup was of importance.

The DRS officer, of which their was only one on duty, whose job was covering the entire east and south side of Brisbane was too busy with things like dog bites which took precedence.

I went back to the site about 5.00 pm and took more photos below just on/after sunset. The flash unit on the digital camera is not brilliant but gives some extra light.

The kerb had not been cleaned up some four and a half hours after a complaint.

57 photos were taken only a few are on this web site.






These two pictures appear to be some of the concrete cuts which produced the fine concrete slurry.


Not Good Enough Lord Mayor Soorley!!!!

You are the Weakest LINK!

The Brown background colour denotes that the Brisbane City Council's thumb is not Green as they would have us believe but their thumb is Gangrene.

So much for attempting to call Brisbane the "Smart City" if after three years since the Environmental Protection Policy for Water was enacted by the Queensland State Government, in our opinion some of the Brisbane City Council workers have not been convinced of their environmental duty and the need to comply with State Legislation including to protect Brisbane's waterways from any pollution they may have generated.

Was this the Lord Mayor's Pray?

Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray my good name to keep
Bring the rains to flush the drains
And while the Citizens of Brisbane sleep
All our crap goes down the Creek.

Under the English Westminster system of government the head of the department is said to be ultimately responsible, therefore will the lord mayor please fall on his sword?

Else will he use his sword to lob a few departmental heads?

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